I have worked with Barbi as an instructor and trainer since 1985. Most importantly, my horses and I have enjoyed our lessons with Barbi. Her style is concise, clear, varied, challenging and fun.

She demonstrates commitment and integrity and from her I have learned to ride through minor illnesses, physical complaints, inclement weather and a busy schedule. During each lesson she brings me into sharper focus so that I’m communicating more clearly and correctly with my horse. I place incredible trust in her judgment, which allows me to follow her instructions without hesitation.

As Barbi masterfully helps me understand and apply a combination of the aids, she works her magic. Slowly, but surely, my horse steps under, rounds his back, lifts his shoulders and blows out contentedly. I feel increased suppleness and rhythm as our work becomes more harmonious. Each lesson ends amazingly better than it began.

This is more than fun; it is sheer joy.

Janet Emmons, student