When I met Barbi I was about ten years old. My parents bought me a little Welsh Pony that had a habit of running away with me. My Mom had given up on the whole idea of owning a pony and was going to sell her when a friend told us about a lady in Los Osos who might be able to help us. Barbi was the first one who made me strong enough to keep my pony in the arena and going where I wanted her to go. One could say that the pony turned me into a good little rider, but it could not have happened without the encouragement and guidance of someone who was and still is a true equestrian.

As a young rider on a very limited budget she helped me take two horses to third level. I know Barbi as someone who never gives up on a horse. She betters every horse she comes in contact with. She taught me that Dressage is for every horse and can improve them no mater what the breed or inherent limitations are. Because of the work with Barbi, I have a clear understanding of good riding verses bad riding. Barbi’s attitude is that we are helping our horses because we love them and the partnership we have with them.

As a young adult I found my way back into horses and back under Barbi’s instruction. With a little more finance for my horse hobby I am now able to take more lessons with Barbi and go to more shows. My success in the show ring is a tribute to Barbi’s great training and teaching skills. I have a Morgan who has won usdf horse of the year for Morgan’s at every level from first through i1. We have also been very competitive at championship shows placing and even winning some championships along the way. Barbi teaches with the whole picture in mind. She notices right away when I am missing a piece of the puzzle of riding harmoniously and points it out to me so I can add what ever it is that is missing from the picture of true harmony between horse and rider.

I love riding with Barbi. She works me hard and at the same time is fun and always positive. She brings out the best in me and my horses.

Deb Hirons, student