The Bemer Horse-Set


The Bemer Horse-Set is a revolutionary new technology that can help maintain your horse’s health and energy. We’ve been using the Bemer System for a while now on our horses at Sea Horse Ranch and amazed by the positive results. Every equestrian desires only the best for their horse’s health. Peak performance for your next training session, ride or show. Please feel free to ask Barbi about her experience with the the Bemer Horse-Set and the results she has seen when applying this technology to improve the care of her horses…

Scientifically Proven Therapy

The Bemer technology is an effective all-round therapy that promotes healing and recovery while helping to prevent injury. Additionally, suppleness is enhanced, thus improving your horse’s motivation to learn and exercise more effectively. When the technology is used before and after training you can help your horse to be more relaxed. The most noted benefits are:

  • Prevention From Injury
  • Defense Against Infection
  • Improved Blood-Flow
  • Enhanced Regeneration
  • Enhanced Relaxation
  • Increased Performance

Learn More About The Bemer Horse-Set

We can’t say enough good things about the Bemer Horse-Set! We use the device regularly and watch our horses experience the benefits of this ground-breaking technology. To get more information about The Bemer Horse-Set please talk to Barbi for a demonstration and follow this link to learn more: