BBG Century Ride With Magic

In May of this year (2021) I was competing at CNDC (Christiana Noelting’s stable), and I witnessed a rider doing a “Century Ride”.  After acknowledging that I had reached the “age”!!  I could do that, I decided to plan a ride at our local “SLO-CDS” show.  My intention was to inspire older riders to keep having goals and commit to achieving them.

BBG Century Ride With Magic

I became a professional in dressage after completing my BHSAI in England in 1970.  We began Sea Horse Ranch BBG on the central California coast in 1971 as a boarding and training facility at that time.  Through the years I have developed 9 Grand Prix horses that have been very successful locally and nationally.  I am currently training my Prix St. George and Second Level horses up to the Grand Prix.

I first met “Alamar’s Touch of Magic” (a lovely Morgan mare) when she was 5 years old.  Deb Hirons, her owner, had been a student of mine since she was 10 years old.  I helped her through the years to train  ‘Magic’ to Grand Prix, but unfortunately due to a leg injury, she was never able to actually compete at the Grand Prix Level. Because of this, after healing time, Deb decided to ‘semi-retire’ her as a “school master” for two local interested training level riders.  She boarded ‘Magic’ at ‘Sea Horse Ranch BBG’ stables, so I was able to help the interested students work to improve their riding skills with riding ‘Magic’. 

The time arrived to choose my horse. My competition horses are too young, but after talking with Deb and the ladies, it was a ‘GO’ to do my BBG Century Ride with Magic.  I decided on ‘Third level Test 1’, an interesting test but not too demanding.  After only a few short rides to check it out, I felt her enthusiasm and desire to do it!  My concern was to keep the experience safe and fun for her.  I knew I would leave her frame a bit longer, and collect only enough to perform the required movements.  Magic came thru like the star she has always been, with a clean test!!!  Everyone was really proud of her! 

I am so thrilled to have achieved this goal!