After many years working and raising a family I decided to return to my passion of riding. I was smiled on by the gods and started my dressage career at the beautiful Sea Horse Ranch. Barbi has been a great inspiration as well as a great teacher. Her passion for teaching classical dressage and her dedication to her students is amazing. After leasing one of her lovely horses she helped me find my own partner and with her expertise has turned us into a competing pair. When I took my horse to his vet check he was deemed appropriate for my novice level, but I was told not to expect much from his ‘hockey stick’ gaits. With her skill, knowledge and patient guidance, she has helped him become softer, rounder and an athletic mover. I see her give the same intense devotion to every student and horse regardless of level or talent. Whether you want to improve your riding or your horse, move up a level or start competing, if you have the desire, Barbi will get you to your goal.

Christina Sugarman, student