Life at the ranch…

Hello everyone. These times have everyone uncomfortably stressed to some degree. What I find is that folks coming out to ride their horses, offers them some sense of normalcy. Appreciating the physical exercise and comfort from their close relationship with their horse.  Since some of the folks have been laid off, they are getting more time than usual to ride, which they are thoroughly enjoying.   They are keeping social distance from their friends, but are able to interact.  We follow public safety guidelines and everyone is attentive.

Socially Distanced Riding Instruction

Our area is so beautiful and being alone here offers some peace, appreciation, and escape from the strain everyone is feeling. One additional growth aspect I’ve noticed through instructing them is they are clarifying and overcoming some of the inhibiting results of fear.  If they don’t offer relaxation and clarification of their aids to their horse,  even at times when they feel underlying anxiety, their horse suffers. This has repeatedly resulted in their commitment to ride their best for their horse…. making them feel more confident, effective, and powerful….. pretty important at a time when we all feel a bit powerless. Wishing everyone our best and to stay well!