Horse Trail Riding On The Central Coast

Come experience the wonder of horse trail riding on the Central Coast! Located in Los Osos, California and overlooking the stunning scenery of Morro Bay, Sea Horse Ranch has some of the best trail riding available to explore. Please check out this recent video of students out on the trail and having a great day trail riding.  The ride was thoroughly enjoyed by all who participated, including the horses! 

Enjoy The Benefits Of Horse Trail Riding

As horsemen and women, we may underestimate the benefit of trail riding our horses. Many folks trail ride as their main way of using their horses. Performance horses can also gain a lot of positive cross training through getting out on the trail. It is a good way to help relax the horse as they are exposed to their natural environment. Slopes, logs, uneven footing, ditches, and unusual objects can be a valuable exercise in building confidence, balance and submission.  Trails are also another place other than an arena, to work on rhythm and consistency in your horse’s movement. Additionally when trail riding, it usually is beneficial to ride with another person for safety, as well as relaxation for horse and rider. Should one horse get balky, the other horse can act as a lead for the more nervous horse. 

Come enjoy the beautiful scenery and excellent horse trail riding on the Central Coast today!